Featured Pet:

Diderot!  Known as "P.P.Diddy" on the mean streets of Park Slope.

How long have you had Diderot and how did you meet him?  

We have had Diderot since he was about 20 weeks old. He was a gift from my sister in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was born. Diderot's sister lives with my sisters family. Her name is Pixie. 

Where did his name come from?

Diderot's name came to us when we traveled to Paris and learned more and more about the illustrious and prolific Denis Diderot. What a great learned man with a great name. It was an easy fit when we met our Shipoo philosopher. He is also known as P.P Diddy in the hood.

How did you know he was the one? 

There was no question that he was the one! We had an older dog that

was Diddy's complete opposite. Remy was a pound puppy with no social

graces. He loved maybe 10 people on the planet. He was abused as a

puppy and very wary of strangers. Diderot on the other hand was a happy

puppy who loved anyone he encountered! People always asked if they

could take a picture with him! He exudes charisma, but has an attitude

the size of most small countries. One day a woman had the audacity not

to say hello to him, and he stared her down. Until finally she realized

that there were piercing eyes upon her. She then said,

"I believe he's winking at me"Once Diddy and I were walking in the

street and a man literally tipped his hat to him.. not me!!

What have you learned about his breed/pet ownership since you've had  Diddy?

Diddy's breed; A Shipoo is a definite family breed. He is hyper allergenic and as my husband says jokingly, " the worst of 2 breeds".
He has the smart wits from a poodle and the stubbornness and loyalty of a shitzu lap dog.
He really is the most amazing dog each of us has owned. So smart and adorable. Unfortunately, recently he showed some signs of age.

He is going blind. It is sad, but his tail still wags a mile a minute and he hears and smells everything!!

Are there any places you like to take them or activities they especially love?

As far as traveling, he goes mostly everywhere! This dog is great on a train, in a car on a boat or an airplane! He travels better than most children! He just wants to be with his mommy and daddy and their friends and family! Because after all he is our baby!!!



​Diddy stole my heart immediately!  He has a serious “Diddy Strut”, as I call it. It is as if he is in “best in show” every time he walks down the street! He makes me laugh! He is just thrilled to see me and get his belly rubs when I arrive for his walk.  Now that he is going blind,

we strut a little slower, but he hasn’t lost an ounce of his charm and continues to hold court in the neighborhood. Love him to pieces.

He is a one of kind!

- Megan

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our wonderful Shipoo; Diderot.

- Allison and Jim

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Featured Pet :

 Diderot Winston Feichtmann

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