Featured Pet:  Richter!  Also known as "Ricky".

How long have you known Richter (A.K.A. Ricky) and where is he from?  

We adopted Richter 4 years ago from one of the managers at the Hungry Ghost coffee shop at the corner of 6th Avenue and Flatbush in Brooklyn. He loved him but worked too many hours to hang out with him a lot so he wanted to find him a good home. He had rescued him from someone else who originally found him roaming the streets of Coney Island as a puppy. 

How did you come up with his name?

His original name was Romeo because they think he was born around Valentine's Day. Justin, who we adopted him from, re-named him Richter, after Mike Richter, the former goalie for the New York Rangers. I am a huge Detroit

Red Wings fan so I questioned having him named after a rival team but I care less about the

Rangers than the Colorado Avalanche so I was ultimately okay with it. I do call him Ricky the

most, except when he's in trouble and then he’s Richter.

How did you know he was the one? 

We had lost our beloved Black Labrador, Indigo, the previous year and Justin knew

we were huge dog lovers. One of his barista's asked what we were doing for the

weekend and we said we might start looking at puppies and she asked if it had to be

a puppy or would we consider a 2 year old? We agreed to have Ricky come over for a

visit and asked him to spend the night. He ran around like a lunatic and ate all of our

food and basically acted like a clown and he got up at 4 am and started yowling like

crazy because he was used to going out that early. He is literally the goofiest dog I’ve

ever met. We started out thinking we were nuts for considering such a high energy

dog after our old slow labrador - it was like going from a Tricycle to a Lamborghini,

 but over his initial visit he wormed his way into our hearts and we couldn’t even

give him back for one night.

What have you learned about his breed/pet ownership since you've had


We originally thought he was a Labrador/Pitt mix, then we got him DNA tested and

he came back Catahoula Leopard Dog, German Shepherd, Yellow Lab and Rottie.

THEN the company we used was sued for inaccurate test results so we went back to

calling him a Lab/Pitt but our current vet thinks he’s a Rottie/Ridgeback - so we literally HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE IS!

Are there any places you like to take them or activities they especially love?

Ricky love the streets of Brooklyn - the more garbage, rats, squirrels, toddlers and skate boarders he can sniff, the better. He also loves the big dog run in Brooklyn Heights. He is always the fastest puppy out there, running circles around

every other dog - even the greyhounds.



"Ricky is one of the sweetest, energetic balls of love I've had the pleasure of walking!"

​- Brennen

"A radiating sunshine even on the gloomiest day!"


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