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Brooklyn Cat Sitter - Carolyn
Brooklyn Cat Sitter - Andrea

Joe, Brooklyn Dog Boarder

Carla, Cat Sitter

Park Slope Dog Walker - Raoul
Brooklyn Dog Boarders - John & Abigail

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Brooklyn Dog Boarder - Joe

Joe has been a resident of Park Slope/Windsor Terrace since 2004.  During that time, he has had 2 canine companions - Buddy, an ailing friend that he adopted during the last years of his life, and Chloe, his sidekick and soulmate for 11 years until her passing in late 2018.  Since then he has kept up his association with many of Chloe's friends, whom he frequently walks, hosts and boards whenever their humans are unavailable.  He is also a frequent sitter for a couple of furry friends in uptown Manhattan and works part-time (from home) as a video editor.

I would highly recommend the Dog Walking Network

The Dog Walking Network is a great Dog Walking service. They are very professional, great communication, easy to use on-line scheduling, and reasonable rates.

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Manager, Jessica

Christine  (left with her dog Neo) is one of our Kensington dog walkers.  She grew up in Queens and moved to Brooklyn with her boyfriend. The fact that Brooklyn's neighbourhoods have these great little shops and eateries made life sweeter!
She grew up around dogs all her life. "The first dog I had was a dog I adopted from a shelter, she lived to be 14 years old. I am now 'owned' by my Shiba Inu, Neo and my 11-year-old cat, Blackie. When I am not walking dogs, I like to travel, bake and explore new places".
"The thing I like most about walking dogs is, every day is an adventure. Dogs are always finding something new or interesting on their walks. I could be having a bad day, and one look from a dog, either wagging their tail or jumping up to say "hi", just makes the day better!"
"My funny dog story or moment wasn't funny at the time!   I was walking a dog and we were in the process of walking across a driveway to a store and the dog decided to sit down in the middle of the entrance. A car was trying to enter and I was trying to coax the dog to go to the other side, but he did not want to budge. There was a line of cars piling up waiting to enter, good thing they were nice about it and understood!"
Brooklyn can be a pretty mellow place to be!

Manager, Megan

Jonathan was born and raised in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. He’s full of optimism, charm and charisma. Growing up he was all about his schoolwork, friends, family and video games. He’s a big fan of super mario, and sonic the hedgehog. Before becoming a dog walker, Jonathan was a doorman at a pet-friendly condominium located in Dumbo. As a
doorman, he saw plenty of dog walkers around that area and was fascinated by how happy both the dogs and dog walkers were and became eager to become one himself. Two years ago Jonathan and his girlfriend adopted a Chihuahua/Terrier mix named Moki (pictured to the left). Since then they have spoiled Moki with love and care. Jonathan loves all animals but says because of Moki, he has a special place in his heart for dogs. Jonathan treats every dog in his route as if they were his own. On many occasions, he has let the managers know how thankful and blessed he is to be a part of the team and he shows it with his responsibility, professional, and reliability. In his free time, Jonathan is usually off on an adventure with his girlfriend, spending time with his family and friends, and pursuing a degree in dental hygiene.

The love affair all started the moment Blue laid her eyes on a stray cat for the very first time.  She began feeding and caring for the orange cat, “Kitty”, and eventually she was feeding all of the cats in her neighborhood.  She spent the next few childhood years building weatherproof homes for mama cats and their kittens where they could take shelter and be fed. Not wanting to be an unpaid cat lady for her entire life, Blue entered the world of professional pet care.  Blue has had the pleasure… and sometimes, “curse” of caring for all different types of cats; shy cats, sweet cuddle cats, nervous cats, and overprotective faux “watchdog” cats that tried to eat her (she prides herself in the learned catlike skills that helped her avoid being eaten by the aforementioned type of cat!).
In all seriousness, Blue has enjoyed caring for cats so much that after 14 years she still can’t get enough of this love affair and still reacts in the same way she did when she laid eyes on Kitty.

John and Abigail, Brooklyn Dog Boarders

They truly treat your animal like one of their own.

I have lived in Park Slope for years and have known and hired many dogwalkers. These are some of the best. Their customer service is as strong as their work ethic and care for the pets.  


John and Abigail (shown here with Lucy, who probably detects a treat off-camera) are two of our wonderful in home dog boarders, located in Brooklyn Heights. Abigail is a preppy from Manhattan, and John is a real Brooklyn guy. They grew up with Goldfish and Salamanders and as adults, we have had their own dogs for over twelve years (but not at the present time.) Outside of caring for animals, they most enjoy eating; and getting together with friends. Their favourite part of caring for animals are the long walks and opportunities to meet other dogs and their walkers. The best part of being an animal caretaker though is getting to live with a wide variety of pet-personalities. They always have fun earning a new dog's trust!

Megan, Manager

Andrea, Cat sitter

Megan (pictured here with a lion cub!) is one of our awesome managers at The Dog Walking Network.  A long-time Brooklyn resident, Megan is enjoying her role with the company, assisting our human clients and getting to re-know the city from a dogs' eye point of view!

Growing up, Megan had a variety of pets, from her first cats names 'Not Mine' and 'Redundant' (her dad was a funny fella!) to her dogs, hamsters, goldfish, and even an injured squirrel that warmed his way into the family. As an adult she's continued to work with animals, volunteering at sanctuaries and working on local cat rescues.

Outside of her work with animals, Megan is the Associate Artistic Director of a theatre company in NYC and performs with a sketch comedy group in her free time. Megan truly enjoys taking care of animals and getting to know their individual personalities. She'll always go above and beyond when their well-being is at stake!

Andrea Della Monica is a Brooklyn-based writer and animal aficionado. When she stopped wrangling her children (they got too old) she turned her attention and love to furry and feathered creatures, great and small, and off roading in her Jeep. Her favorite pastime is spending time with pet clients and keeping their routines when their owners are away. A mom to two poodles herself, Andrea knows how important it is shower affection as well as provide the necessities of food and water.
Andrea works with Dog Walking Network primarily as a cat sitter and has made many new feline friends. No job is two small and no detail is ever ignored. 

Maria, South Slope Dog Walker


Yee Sze, Brooklyn Cat Sitter

Carolyn Kitay is all about cats. She has lived in Park Slope for over 25 years and doesn't plan to move anytime soon because she can't afford to. Since living in Brooklyn she has parented many kitties, currently Louie, age 13. Carolyn loves to care and entertain her cat clients with the utmost attention to detail which includes the greatest toy known to catkind, the Cat Dancer.

Sarah, Cat-Sitter 

Dog Walker - Christine

Raoul, Park Slope Dog Walker

Brooklyn Cat Sitter - Carla

Maria was born in Honduras and came to America (Brooklyn, NY) at the age of seven, where she has thrived ever since. She attended Fort Hamilton High School where she was third in command of the JROTC Program and met her husband of 5 years! Currently, she is attending Kingsborough Community College studying Criminal Justice in which she has a 4.0 GPA but is looking to change her major to Actuarial Science. Maria has had pets all her life in Honduras and Brooklyn. Currently, she lives with her family and 3 dogs! Her Pit Bull, Ella-Nor, her childhood dog Blue (11 Golden Retriever) and her parent's dog King (a one-year-old German Sheppard). When she is not studying or napping with her dogs you can find her in the park with her family human and canine! 

Scott, Brooklyn Cat Sitter

Jessica, Manager, Dog Boarder

Carolyn, Brooklyn Cat Sitter

Yee Sze is one of our lovely Brooklyn Cat Sitters. She enjoys her role of taking care and giving love to the adorable kittens and cats she meets. To her, it is a really fulfilling job to do when she sees those kitties 'meowing' at her and follow her around the house for food, playtime and cuddles. Most of the time, the kitties will do some silly and funny things which brighten her day up and give her a full bar of energy again! As a result, this is not only a job but also a hobby to her. 

Brooklyn Cat Sitter - Blue

Even shy cats and dogs fall in love with Sarah right away! As a result, she has often been called both a cat and dog “whisperer”. An aspiring writer, she now lives in Brooklyn with her rescue pug Zelda and her 12 year old rescue cat Stitch. As Sarah’s nickname implies she has a way with animals. She especially loves to put in the extra work with rescues and shyer pets to bring them out of their shell. Sarah says hi to every passing dog on the street and loves spending time snuggling with cats. She is also an avid reader and cyclist who frequents book readings, indie rock concerts, and vegan food establishments. Sarah loves hikes in the park, walking around the city, and curling up with her pets and a good movie.

If we could give a sixth star we would!

We just started using The Dog Walking Network and we couldn't be happier...We feel so much better traveling now, since we don't have to worry about our kitty.

Michelle, Park Slope Walker

Scott is one of our awesome Brooklyn cat sitters. He is a professional Chef and resident of Park Slope. He has always loved Brooklyn and has fond memories of visiting his grandparents in Carroll Gardens as a child. He loves living near great restaurants, farmers’ markets and Prospect Park. Growing up he had several pet hamsters, lizards, rabbits and dogs but has always had a special bond with cats. He is the proud owner of 2 cats, Jakey, a Norwegian Forest Cat and Gibson, a domestic short hair cat. A lover of all cats, he can think of nothing better than making cat visits all over the neighborhood and becoming friends with all of them!

Park Slope Dog Walker - Michelle

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Brooklyn Cat Sitter - Scott

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Brooklyn Cat Sitter - Yee

 Carla recently moved to Brooklyn with her diva cat Josie after living in New Orleans. She works part time at Park Slope Veterinary Care in Park Slope in addition to working as one of our super star cat and dog sitters. Carla had pets throughout her childhood. Part of her family was a dachshund named Studley, a black lab named Max (who was kind enough to allow her and her sister to dress him in pants!), a rat terrier named Cosmo, and cats named Smoky and Baby. Carla enjoys this job because she loves having the opportunity to meet so many different cats and dogs and make sure they get enough love while their people are away!

Christine, Kensington Walker

Roberto, Crown Heights Dog Walker

Raoul is an NYC native from Queens currently residing in Crown Heights. He has worked for a handful of different dog walking companies before finding his home at The Dog Walking Network. A previous owner of many pets ranging from dogs to frogs to a guinea pig, animals hold a special place in his heart. Outside of dog walking he enjoys writing music and performing. Some of his goals include touring the country, learning to cook and to one day raise a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel with a funny name that has yet to be decided. 

Windsor Terrace Dog Walker - Jonathan
Brooklyn Cat Sitter - Sarah
South Slope Dog Walker - Maria
Brooklyn Pup
Brooklyn Dog Walker

Michelle was born and raised in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. She grew up with many pets throughout the years. At varying points her home housed two rats, a beta fish, a guinea pig, and iguanas! Michelle also rescued a terrier she named Benji when she was young who became her very best friend. Currently, she is mother to two pet mice, Onion and Latte, a Chihuahua named Violet, and a rescue cat named Daisy. There is a lot of love in her house! She is currently saving up for dog grooming and training courses. Obviously an animal lover, she loves meeting new dogs and getting to know their unique personalities. Michelle’s favorite part of the her day is seeing the look of excitement on the dogs' sweet faces when she shows up to walk them

Field Manager Jessica

Blue, Brooklyn Cat Sitter

Roberto Melendez is a lifelong New Yorker. Growing up in Park Slope, his favorite childhood memories include going to the dog parks with his friends and their dogs. He started out caring for dogs, professionally with work as a dog bather at a small pet grooming shop. He loves all of the dogs he’s been meeting with the Dog Walking Network, and can’t wait to love yours. When he’s not making new dog buddies he is riding his bike, working out, exploring underground art, and hanging out with his family and friends.

Jessica is one of our wonderful Brooklyn cat sitters and also a Manager!  She was born and raised in Brooklyn, a point of pride for her. She loves how diverse and modern this city is becoming, it’s truly like no other place in the world!
Growing up she had two cats, Candy and Sunrise and one dog, Minnie.  They have all since crossed that rainbow bridge and she has a new generation of pets, two dogs, Lola and Lalo, two cats, Sunrise II and Belle and the newest addition, a puppy, Sergeant. When she comes home, she’s usually greeted at the door by her whole gang, except when her two kitties hide away for a nap in her shirt drawer!
Outside of pet care, she loves crafts! She could sit on her couch surrounded by tons of yarn and just crochet the day away. She loves walking dogs as an opportunity to get out and get fresh air. But with cat sitting, Jessica says she’s found her true calling!
Jessica is a true animal lover and will go above and beyond to be sure your pets are happy and healthy

Jonathan, Windsor Terrace Dog Walker

Gabe, Prospect Heights/ Crown Heights

We at the Dog Walking Network are certain we are Brooklyn's finest pet care service provider and our clients agree! We hire only the best, most dedicated pet sitters to care for your animals, giving them the attention and exercise they need and you peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands.

All of our sitters are qualified, trained, and responsible animal lovers.

Our team of experienced and professional pet sitters have your pet's health and happiness in mind! Get to know the exceptional team of pet caretakers that make The Dog Walking Network a five-star service.