Carla recently moved to Brooklyn with her diva cat Josie after living in New Orleans. She works part time at Park Slope Veterinary Care in Park Slope in addition to working as one of our super star cat and dog sitters. Carla had pets throughout her childhood. Part of her family was a dachshund named Studley, a black lab named Max (who was kind enough to allow her and her sister to dress him in pants!), a rat terrier named Cosmo, and cats named Smoky and Baby. Carla enjoys this job because she loves having the opportunity to meet so many different cats and dogs and make sure they get enough love while their people are away!

Richard and Stephanie Celic are in home dog boarders with The Dog Walking Network. They love living in Brooklyn, for the diversity, architecture and great food! Long time animal lovers, Richard grew up with a black lab name Ollie and Stephanie with a Golden retriever named Marshall.  A True Brooklyn couple Rich is a writer, musician, artist, real estate agent and he even works in a whiskey distillery !  Steph is chef who specializes in healthy, modern American, gluten-free cuisine. And She’s training for a Marathon! Who wouldn't want to stay at their house!  Richard says, “Animals are always open to receiving love and are always living in the moment. 

It’s great to spend time with a new or old friend!”

Carla, Cat Sitter

John and Abigail, Brooklyn Dog Boarders

John and Abigail (shown here with Lucy, who probably detects a treat off-camera) are two of our wonderful in home dog boarders, located in Brooklyn Heights. Abigail is a preppy from Manhattan, and John is a real Brooklyn guy.
They grew up with Goldfish and Salamanders and as adults we have had their own dogs for over twelve years (but not at the present time.)
Outside of caring for animals, they most enjoy eating; and getting together with friends.
Their favorite part of caring for animals are the long walks and opportunities to meet other dogs and their walkers.
The best part of being an animal caretaker though is getting to live with a wide variety of pet-personalities.
They always have fun earning a new dog's trust!

Christine  (left with her dog Neo) is one of our Kensington dog walkers.  She grew up in Queens and moved to Brooklyn with her boyfriend. The fact that Brooklyn's neighborhoods has these great little shops and eateries made life sweeter!
She grew up around dogs all her life. "My first dog I had was a dog I adopted from a shelter, she lived to be 14 years old. I am now 'owned' by my Shiba Inu, Neo and my 11-year-old cat, Blackie. When I am not walking dogs, I like to travel, bake and explore new places".
"The thing I like most about walking dogs is, everyday is an adventure. Dogs are always finding something new or interesting on their walks. I could be having a bad day, and one look from a dog, either wagging their tail or jumping up to say "hi", just makes the day better!"
"My funny dog story or moment wasn't funny at the time!   I was walking a dog and we were in the process of walking across a driveway to a store and the dog decided to sit down in the middle of the entrance. A car was trying to enter and I was trying to coax the dog to go to the other side, but he did not want to budge. There was a line of cars piling up waiting to enter, good thing they were nice about it and understood!"
Brooklyn can be a pretty mellow place to be!

We at the Dog Walking Network are certain we are Brooklyn's finest pet care service provider and our clients agree! We hire only the best, most dedicated pet sitters to care for your animals, giving them the attention and exercise they need and you peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands.

All of our sitters are qualified, trained, and responsible animal lovers.

Our team of experienced and professional pet sitters have your pet's health and happiness in mind! Get to know the exceptional team of pet caretakers that make The Dog Walking Network a five-star service.

They truly treat your animal like one of their own.

I have lived in Park Slope for years and have known and hired many dogwalkers. These are some of the best. Their customer service is as strong as their work ethic and care for the pets.  

I would highly recommend the Dog Walking Network

The Dog Walking Network is a great Dog Walking service. They are very professional, great communication, easy to use on-line scheduling, and reasonable rates.

If we could give a sixth star we would!

We just started using The Dog Walking Network and we couldn't be happier...We feel so much better traveling now, since we don't have to worry about our kitty.

Meet Our Team of Amazing Pet Sitters

What our clients are saying about 

The Dog Walking Network

Michelle was born and raised in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. She grew up with many pets throughout the years. At varying points her home housed two rats, a beta fish, a guinea pig, and iguanas! Michelle also rescued a terrier she named Benji when she was young who became her very best friend. Currently, she is mother to two pet mice, Onion and Latte, a Chihuahua named Violet, and a rescue cat named Daisy. There is a lot of love in her house! She is currently saving up for dog grooming and training courses. Obviously an animal lover, she loves meeting new dogs and getting to know their unique personalities. Michelle’s favorite part of the her day is seeing the look of excitement on the dogs' sweet faces when she shows up to walk them

Kati, Brooklyn Dog Boarder

Gabrielle, Brooklyn Dog Boarder

Gabrielle (with Lambchop) is one of our very loving in home dog boarders, located in Park Slope.  She is originally from northeastern Ohio where she grew up with a dearly loved yellow lab named Lucy.  She moved to New York City 6 years ago to study education at The New School. 
Gabrielle currently lives in Park Slope near Prospect Park.  She loves taking dogs running in the park, for strolls around the neighborhood, and spends plenty of time cuddling on the couch as well.  In her free time, Gabrielle loves cooking for friends, yoga, and going out for live music.  She says the best part about being a dog sitter is the bond she shares with the dogs even over short visits.  She loves getting to know the different pup personalities and she always gets a laugh at the different ways the dogs wake her up for their morning walk! 

             Tyler, Crown Heights Walker

Bryn, Fill-in Walker

Spencer, with his buddies Georgia and Lord Grantham, is one of our wonderful South Slope and Windsor Terrace dog walkers.  He moved to Brooklyn because as
he says “it’s a pretty happenin’place, man! As an artist I feel like there’s no better place to be. I also found a pretty affordable apartment in a nice part of town (Ditmas Park), which is not something you hear everyday...”

 Spencer has tons of experience with all sorts of animals! “I had a dog named Rusty a wired hair fox terrier who was my best bud growing up. I adopted a cat named Romeo who used to follow me all over my neighborhood. Lots of cats, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, a whole zoo. No pets at the moment, but luckily the dog walking
network fulfills that need!”

 Besides a love for animals, Spencer has a passion for art. “I love to make art! I’ve got a BFA degree in printmaking, and I’m happiest when I’m creating. Check out my art at I also play bass in a
Rock & Roll band called Wyldlife. We’re working hard to spread the thrill of Rock & Roll music all over the world! We’ve got music all over the interwebs, do your ears a favor and check us out!”

 Spencer loves the opportunity to hang out with so many different four legged friends throughout the day! “Each pup has it’s own personality and makes each walk an experience.” Lately, his little buddy Hoagie, the Yorkie, has been cracking him up, “When a fire truck, ambulance, or police car go by with the siren going off, Hoagie
starts howling and I start howling back at him. We sometimes keep this going back and forth for a while. If you see me and him howling while we walk now you know why!”

Spencer, South Slope and Windsor Terrace Walker

Lynne is the co owner of The Dog Walking Network.  Amy met Lynne (above with Lambchop) when they were both pet sitting in Park Slope.  Lynne had a play group called Outward Hounds and always thought of how to develop a specialty boarding service for many of her dog customers that weren't able to stay in kennels.  They launched The Dog Walking Network together as a way to continue to provide dog walking service and developed dog boarding with a "one dog at a time" policy in each caretakers home.  Amy and Lynne live together with their 6 rescue cats (don't laugh!), Nadya, Hank, Jake, Tony, Mozart, and Michael.  They do tons of rescue work and usually have a stray cat recovering in their bathroom. 

Read more of our 5 star reviews on 

Amy, Co-Owner

Amy (with Butter) is the co-owner of The Dog Walking Network.  Originally from Oklahoma, Amy began a career as a stand up comedian right after graduating from Oklahoma State University.  She traveled the country performing in clubs and festivals and lived in Chicago for 4 years before landing in New York City.  
Deciding she wanted to stay put and perform close to New York, she got a job at Park Slope Veterinary Care.  She got to know so many wonderful and adorable animals and began dog walking and cat sitting in Park Slope full time.  Butter is Amy's first cat.  She adopted her from Carmen (see below) after she she was discovered in her backyard. 

Miranda, Fill-in Walker

Jeff, South Slope Dog Walker

Michelle, Park Slope Walker

Jeff migrated to Brooklyn from Florida to catch up with friends and enjoy the rich music scene in New York City.  He is a philosophy enthusiast, was once in a traveling jazz band, and loves exploring the NYC boroughs.  Jeff is thrilled to be settled in Brooklyn and making new four legged pals!  A cat lover as well as a dog fan, Jeff grew up with a chow mix, a Hemingway 6-toed cat, and a bunny.  Having no pets of his own right now, he loves all the affection he gets from the dogs on his route! 

Scott, Brooklyn Cat Sitter

Jen, Brooklyn Dog Boarder

Sarah, Weekend Manager 

Even shy cats and dogs fall in love with Sarah right away! As a result, she has often been called both a cat and dog “whisperer”. An aspiring writer, she now lives in Brooklyn with her rescue pug Zelda and her 12 year old rescue cat Stitch. As Sarah’s nickname implies she has a way with animals. She especially loves to put in the extra work with rescues and shyer pets to bring them out of their shell. Sarah says hi to every passing dog on the street and loves spending time snuggling with cats. She is also an avid reader and cyclist who frequents book readings, indie rock concerts, and vegan food establishments. Sarah loves hikes in the park, walking around the city, and curling up with her pets and a good movie.

Megan, Manager

Megan (pictured here with a lion cub!) is our awesome manager at The Dog Walking Network.  A long-time Brooklyn resident, Megan is enjoying her role with the company, assisting our human clients and getting to re-know the city from a dogs' eye point of view!

Growing up, Megan had a variety of pets, from her first cats names 'Not Mine' and 'Redundant' (her dad was a funny fella!) to her dogs, hamsters, goldfish, and even an injured squirrel that warmed his way into the family. As an adult she's continued to work with animals, volunteering at sanctuaries and working on local cat rescues.

Outside of her work with animals, Megan is the Associate Artistic Director of a theatre company in NYC and performs with a sketch comedy group in her free time.

Megan truly enjoys taking care of animals and getting to know their individual personalities. She'll always go above and beyond when their well-being is at stake!

Lynne, Co-Owner

Jen (above with Lola) is one of The Dog Walking Network's in home dog boarders, located in Park Slope.  Originally from upstate New York in Goshen, Jen moved to Park Slope from Hawaii where she lived for two years, practicing yoga. She moved here to be closer to her teachers, and study yoga.

Jen grew up with various sizes of poodles and had a black lab during her 20s, so she has experience relating to a variety of dogs.   Jen is a yoga teacher, so she loves practicing yoga and meditating. "It's always a fun adventure when I practice at home with pups", Jen says, "They often like to participate and sit on my mat, or watch me do such funny things!"  She is big into reading as well, so there's usually some couch cuddle time with the dogs :-)  

Jen customizes the dog stay to match the personality of the dog. For more active dogs, she takes them to the dog park to play, run and chase balls. She enjoys seeing them have fun with others dogs there. Or if they're more indoor active dogs, she'll play fetch and "keep away"with their toys.  For more chill dogs, she opts for cuddles and petting-time, and pretty much loves doing everything with dogs--whatever makes them happy, makes her happy! 

Jen says spending time with a dog makes the day a bit brighter. "I feel like the owners are giving me a chance to share their dog for a bit, and it's so great when I have them multiple times and we really get to know each other."

Jessica is one of our wonderful Brooklyn cat sitters and also a Manager!  She was born and raised in Brooklyn, a point of pride for her. She loves how diverse and modern this city is becoming, it’s truly like no other place in the world!
Growing up she had two cats, Candy and Sunrise and one dog, Minnie.  They have all since crossed that rainbow bridge and she has a new generation of pets, two dogs, Lola and Lalo, two cats, Sunrise II and Belle and the newest addition, a puppy, Sergeant. When she comes home, she’s usually greeted at the door by her whole gang, except when her two kitties hide away for a nap in her shirt drawer!
Outside of pet care, she loves crafts! She could sit on her couch surrounded by tons of yarn and just crochet the day away. She loves walking dogs as an opportunity to get out and get fresh air. But with cat sitting, Jessica says she’s found her true calling!
Jessica is a true animal lover and will go above and beyond to be sure your pets are happy and healthy

Christine, Kensington Walker

Brennen, Park Slope Dog Walker

 Miranda moved to Brooklyn from England where she grew up and lived in the countryside with cats, chickens, horses, fish, birds and a range of dogs including a Giant Schnauzer, a Rottweiler mix, a Husky, and a Beagle. You can definitely say she is an animal lover! Here in NY, she has an adorable, 13 year old Chocolate Labrador named Penny who is quite a character, taking the leash when they leave for walks and walking backward around the apartment. 
When Miranda is not walking dogs, she is usually working on her art. She is a painter, photographer and musician. Miranda is also a big nature lover and you can usually find her outdoors in some shape or form, hiking, climbing, camping, or relaxing with a pooch. Last year she rescued a baby squirrel and a bird near Prospect Park. Miranda says that her compassion and love for animals makes this a perfect job for her and we agree!​

​Bernadeta "Bernie" Majauskaite is our Assistant Dog Walker and Cat Sitter.
Bernie is a true team player!  Having met most of our dog and cat customers and being an avid bike rider, she is able to fill in whenever and wherever she is needed.  Bernie grew up on a farm in Lithuania around a variety of farm animals as well as a French Bulldog and an Italian Mastiff. She moved to Miami with her family where they had a British Shorthair named Freja. She now calls Brooklyn home where she is able to pursue her passion as a sculptor, filmmaker and an installation artist.  Bernie's time and bond with the animals inspires her artistic spirit! 

Tyler Caldwell is our Crown Heights walker.
Tyler recently graduated from NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. He is a wonderfully creative soul musician now extending good vibes to all the dogs he walks. Tyler grew up in Los Angeles, California loving animals in a household with a dog, two cats, and a lizard. He said they were all "rock stars" no doubt influencing his future artistic pursuits! Tyler enjoys his time out walking with our Brooklyn pups because it clears his head and relaxes him. When not walking dogs, Tyler is busy making music and working on a new music app. Feel free to check out Tyler's music at!

Bryn, pictured here with Charlie, is one of our Windsor Terrace and Kensington dog walkers. She was attracted to Brooklyn by all that’s going on here and by the many people she knew who were moving or thinking about it.
Growing up in Iowa, she had a cat and a series of highly intelligent guinea pigs. She was self-admittedly cat-crazy, applying every cat applique she could find to clothing and even wearing a fluffy white tail to pre-school! Here in Brooklyn she has no pets, just a mouse they call Stephen that is an unwelcome house guest
Outside of dog walking, she prints images from drawings on limestone. She has a background in fine art and printmaking and is interested in in processes like etching, engraving, woodcut, letterpress, screenprint, etc., applied to creating original artwork. She also enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee and has played cello since she was 9 years old.
Bryn enjoys the effect of walking dogs all day, a sort of entering their universe. “You get to pass by the same things on the street and see how the different dogs react to them differently, and you start to become interested in these things too. You begin to study squirrels with a new degree of enthusiasm. The other evening I saw half a pepperoni pizza on the ground next to the curb (who does that?) and almost tried to eat it. Almost.”

Jessica, Manager

Scott is one of our awesome Brooklyn cat sitters. He is a professional Chef and resident of Park Slope. He has always loved Brooklyn and has fond memories of visiting his grandparents in Carroll Gardens as a child. He loves living near great restaurants, farmers’ markets and Prospect Park. Growing up he had several pet hamsters, lizards, rabbits and dogs but has always had a special bond with cats. He is the proud owner of 2 cats, Jakey, a Norwegian Forest Cat and Gibson, a domestic short hair cat. A lover of all cats, he can think of nothing better than making cat visits all over the neighborhood and becoming friends with all of them!

Kati graduated from The New School for Drama with an MFA in Acting in 2011 and soon

after moved to Park Slope with her husband, Matt.  Kati loves the dog culture in Brooklyn and found the number of rescues and adopted dogs very heartening.  Having grown up in Minnesota in the company of a Newfoundland, a German Shepherd and a Great Dane, she is very comfortable walking large dogs as well as the little ones.  Kati and Matt recently fostered a special needs Beagle/Bluetick Coonhound for 9 months before becoming boarding caretakers with The Dog Walking Network.  Kati is also one of our Park Slope/Windsor Terrace dog walkers and she loves learning each dog's personality and figuring out how she can best provide them with a calm and happy environment, whether that’s on a walk or at her home.  In addition to being an actor, Kati is also a voice over artist.  You may have heard her voice on TV for Google or for the Ad Council.  She is also a fitness and yoga instructor as well as a personal trainer.  Kati says, “A busy Brooklyn lifestyle requires yoga therapy and dog therapy!"

Rich, Park Slope Walker and  Dog Boarder

    Bernie,  DogWalker & Cat Sitter

​ Brennen recently moved to Brooklyn to be closer to his girlfriend. The people, sights, and activity of NYC were also a big draw. Being someone who enjoys biking, hiking, cooking, power-lifting and gaming, the city had everything and more he could ever want! He had pets growing up and loves animals so he really enjoys his job as a dog walker and sitter. He finds all dogs’ different personalities and quirks so entertaining! One particularly stubborn pup who refused to walk and would sit down, would stay put until Brennan also sat down. Once Brennan was seated he would want to walk and  Brennen enjoys interacting with people and their dogs on the street, which is another reason he loves being a dog walker. He currently doesn’t have pets of his own so he treats all his dogs as if they were family, with all the love and care he could possibly give!